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Tsuyoshi Misaki

Tsuyoshi Misaki

Date of Birth
March 21, 1963
English level
Tsuyoshi Misaki grew up in Osaka City. After graduating from Hanazono University in Kyoto, he was involved in drama making as a production staff. After that he debuted as a playwright. He had been writing for animes, radio dramas, stage plays, game scenario and publications. He is a member of Japan Writers Guild and Japan Academy Film Prize Association.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
TVAnime 1997 The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird
TVAnime 1998 Legend of the Mystical Ninja
web series script (animated) 1998 Radio Drama "Kakyūsei (Lower-Class Students)" --Recorded on CD Radio Drama
web series script (animated) 1997 Radio Drama "The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird" --Recorded on CD Radio Drama
web series script (animated) 2011 Game Scenario "Legend of the Galactic Heroes" Game Scenario
web series script (animated) 2011 Telephone Service Scenario "Macross Frontier" Telephone Message
web series script (animated) 2012 Smartphone Game App "Meishin (Superstition)" Game App