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Toshiya Ito

Toshiya Ito

Date of Birth
December 21, 1961
English level
Conversational level
Toshiya Ito studied writing in Nihon University department of Theater Arts Film Studies. While Toshiya Ito was in the university, he wrote Japan-Italy collaborative Anime, “Sherlock Hound - The Targeted Giant Coin Bank”, under the supervision of Hayao Miyazaki. After graduation, He started working as a writer as “Toshiya Ito” with his first title, the TV drama, “Dangerous Detective – Episode 48”. Toshiya Ito produced many detective dramas, and wrote “Show Me a Lier, and I Will Show You My Partner” as first drama series. Toshiya Ito also wrote some more drama series including “Sans Famille”, lunch hour dramas including “Let’s Go ONSEN” and “Hahaoya Shikkaku”, and two-hour suspense dramas such as “Chiharu Saotome’s Tour Report”. Toshiya Ito currently teaches at Nihon University and Writers Guild of Japan School while working as a writer.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
TV Drama 1987 Dangerous Detectives ”Abunai Deka”
TV Drama 1994 Sans Famille
Movie 1994 Sans Famille - Unfortunate Life of Suzu, the Homeless Child
TV Drama 1995 Chiharu Saotome's Tour Report - Kanazawa Onsen Tour Murder Case
TV Drama 1995 The Wife is 16 Years Old!
TV Drama 1996 The Firefighters
TV Drama 1997- Hamidashi Keiji Jonetsu Kei
TV Drama 1998 Love Again
TV Drama 1999 Let's Go ONSEN
TV Drama 2005 Contract Marriage