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Ayako Suzuki

Ayako Suzuki

Date of Birth
July 6, 1979
English level
Conversational level
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. After graduating from university, Ayako Suzuki worked at an automobile manufacturer. In 2019, she entered the Graduate School of Film and New Media at the Tokyo University of the Arts where she studied under Yuji Sakamoto in the screenwriting department. In 2020, she made her commercial screenwriting debut with the film "Kanshari: Zutto Issho ni" (Kanshari: We'll Be Together Forever) and the television series "Katakoi Gurume Nikki" (One Love Gourmet Diary).

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
teleplay (live action) 2020 Katakoi Gurume Nikki (One Love Gourmet Diary) Script
screenplay (live action) 2020 Kanshari: Zutto Issho ni (Kanshari: We'll Be Together Forever) Script
screenplay (live action) 2020 Totetsumonaku Okina (Incredibly Big) Script
teleplay (live action) 2021 Will You Still Pledge Me Your Faithful Love? Script
teleplay (live action) 2022 Tetsu Ota Michiko, Ni Man Kiro (Train Otaku Michiko, 20,000km) Script

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2020 Cannes Film Festival, Critics' Week, Short Films Official Selection Totetsumonaku Okina (Incredibly Big)