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Shunsuke Katori

Shunsuke Katori

Date of Birth
September 22, 1942
English level
Conversational level
Shunsuke Katori was born in Tokyo and has graduated from the Russian Department of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Shunsuke Katori became a screenwriter, novelist, and non-fiction writer in 1980 after working for NHK (news and drama).

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Nonfiction 2016 Everything Starts from Script and Scenario
Nonfiction 1995 Modern Girl
Nonfiction 2004 Legend of Shohei Imamura
Novel(Short Novel Story) 2000 The Person from One Day
Novel 2014 Eichi Shibusawa's Business Class Level S
TV Drama 1984 Sanga Moyu(Period Drama)
TV Drama 1985 Private Life
TV Drama 1994 Random Harvest of Reischauers
TV Drama 2001 Scrambled Marriage
Documentary Drama 2007 Super Revamp by Prince Shotoku

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
1989 Hoso Bunka Foundation Scenario Writing Award Radio Documentary ”1500 visas that Saved Jews”
1981 27th Maejima Prize Incentive Writing Don Quixotes of Yumeno Village