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Yukiko Sakaue

Yukiko Sakaue

Date of Birth
November 12, 1974
English level
Conversational level
Yukiko Sakaue was born in Tokyo. After graduating from Jumonji Gakuen Women's Junior College, she worked at an agricultural journal and a university. In 2017, she completed the 67th training course of the Scenario Course. After working as a stage scriptwriter, internet radio program composer, and TV animation scriptwriter, she wrote her first feature film "SWANEE: Noge Tantei Jimusho" in 2021 (script supervisor: Hiroshi Kashiwabara).

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
teleplay (animated) 2020 TV Tokyo Animation, Puzzle and Dragons, Episode 140: Mei Tantei Taiga!? (Detective Taiga!?)
screenplay (live action) 2021 SWANEE: Noge Tantei Jimusho (SWANEE: Noge Detective Agency)