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Yuji Kobayashi

Yuji Kobayashi

Date of Birth
September 3, 1979
English level
Conversational level
Yuji Kobayashi is from Nagano Prefecture. He has graduated from Japan University department of Arts and Theater, Film Studies Scenario Writing course. In 2002, Yuji Kobayashi started working as a writer and wrote an anime, “Sazae San”. After, Yuji Kobayashi writes scripts for Tokusatsu, Anime and novelized products while writing scripts for dramas. He is also a part time teacher of Japan University department of Arts and Theater.

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  1. TITLE

    Lady Traveler 1920

    Genre: Action/Adventure , Science Fiction , Historical

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
TV Drama 2005 Ultraman Max
TV Drama 2005 GARO
TV Drama 2008 Accounting Network
TV Drama 2009 Orthros Dog
Movie 2009 Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy
TVAnime 2012 Smile PreCure!
Movie 2012 Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie
WEB Anime 2014 Sailor Moon Crystal
TV Drama 2015 Ultraman X
TVAnime 2020 The Supernatural Sweet Shop