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Junghee Lee

Junghee Lee

English level
Conversational level
Junghee Lee was born in Tokyo. She graduated from Hosei University Department of Literature, English Writing. Junghee Lee worked at a foreign-affiliated advertisement company, then started working as a writer from 2000. She writes many categories of scripts including suspense drama, period drama, home drama and love romance.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Movie and TV Show 2018 Are You Ready, Girls?
TV Drama 2009- The Woman of S.R.I.(A Woman of Crime Lab)
TV Drama 2018 Shufu Katsu!
TV Drama 2015 Hotel Concierge
TV Drama 2013 Midnight Bakery
TV Drama 2004 Yo Nimo Kimyo Na Monogatari
TV Drama 2015 Seicho Matsumoto Mystery Period Drama
TV Drama 2016 Shugoro Yamamoto Period Drama - Soul of Samurai
TV Drama 2017 Banker - Mondo Takaga Will not Let It Go!
TV Drama 2010 Grammie in Saga 2