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Mana Akaishi

Mana Akaishi

Date of Birth
August 17, 1995
Mana Akaishi graduated from Nihon University, Department of Arts, Film Studies Director Course. After the graduation, she worked for TV documentary and Manga creations. Her creation was chosen for TCP 2020 semi-final.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
TV Documentary 2018 Smog - Record of a Military Doctor in the Pacific War
Radio script 2019 Curious Saturday - Hey! Takashima-Ya!
TV Documentary 2021 Try Japanese Hospitality - TV Drama “Bride Noren” Extra Edition
Movie (Short Movie ) 2022 neighbor
comic script 2022 Singing a song, the story of Hazakura Ono, a poorly fortunate poet
comic script 2022 Husband, please take it

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2020 TCPM Registered Film The Little Match College Girl
2022 Creative TV Drama Grand Prix finalist Anata no koe de naita hi ga aru