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Hideo Jōjō

Hideo Jōjō

Date of Birth
September 2, 1975
English level
Conversational level
Born in Tokyo. Produced a8mm films while attending the Musashino Art University. After graduating from the university, he worked on pink film and direct-to-video projects as an assistant director. In June 2021, he was awarded the Best Director award at the 30th Japan Film Professional Awards.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Movie (Live-Action) 2012 AV Idol
Movie (Live-Action) 2014 Ittsu: The Movie
Movie (Live-Action) 2018 Be My Master
Movie (Live-Action) 2018 Shinjuku Punch
Movie (Live-Action) 2020 On the Edge of Their Seats
Movie (Live-Action) 2022 Ai Nanoni
Movie (Live-Action) 2022 I Want to Be Killed by a High School Girl
Movie (Live-Action) 2022 Believers
Movie (Live-Action) 2023 Thorns of Beauty
Movie (Live-Action) 2023 放課後アングラーライフ

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2020 42nd Yokohama Film Festival Best Director On the Edge of Their Seats