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Kazuhiro Inaba

Kazuhiro Inaba

Date of Birth
December 15, 1960
English level
Kazuhiro Inaba is competent in a wide range of genres, from transforming heroes for children to home comedies and profound human dramas. He is best known for suspense and crime stories such as mysteries. He has worked on many mysteries, both adaptations and original works, from serial dramas such as "The Negotiator 2" to major specials. Inaba is skilled at rakugo comic storytelling and his works often have a comical side, especially in period dramas, where he depicts the world with a rakugo-influenced human touch.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
teleplay (live action) 2022 Kanbi-o: Uruwashi no Angel Kiss
teleplay (live action) 2022 Hoteru Man Todo Katsuo no Jiken Fairu: Yatsugatake Rizoto Satsujin Jiken
teleplay (live action) 2016 Ningyo Sashichi Torimonocho
teleplay (live action) 2015 Downtown Rocket Co-wrote episodes 6 to 10
teleplay (live action) 2014 Bonkura Episode 5
teleplay (live action) 2009 Koshonin Tokubetsu-hen: Usaki Reiko Saisho no Jiken
teleplay (live action) 2006 Tsuma wa Taju Jinkaku-sha
teleplay (live action) 2004 Genseishin Justirisers
teleplay (live action) 2003 Shin Aakakabukenji Funsenki 15
teleplay (live action) 2002 Taiyo to Yuki no Kake-ra