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Shouta Koyama

Shouta Koyama

Date of Birth
July 17, 1987
English level
As a writer for a weekly magazine, Shouta Koyama was exposed to a variety of individuals and was able to see a different side from the public's image of these people, and so he is very conscious of giving his characters a multifaceted nature. He creates detective dramas and mystery dramas with fast-paced conversations between characters with strong personalities.
Koyama also specializes in humanistic comedies such as his debut work "Jinsei Gokko". In his works, Koyama aims to present human weakness, cheating, and greed in a form that people can relate to.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
teleplay (live action) 2022 Jashin no Tenbin
teleplay (live action) 2021 Dragon Zakura
teleplay (live action) 2020 Fake Motion: Takkyu no Osho
teleplay (live action) 2020 Shukatsu-ya
teleplay (live action) 2019 Shosetsu-o
screenplay (live action) 2018 Nisekoi
screenplay (live action) 2018 Takasaki Grafitti
teleplay (live action) 2017 3-nin no Papa
teleplay (live action) 2015 5→9 From Five to Nine
teleplay (live action) 2014 Bitter Blood

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2013 25th Fuji TV Young Scenario Award Jinsei Gokko
2013 25th Fuji TV Young Scenario Award - Honorable mention Onara Made, Aishite Hoshikute, Sanzenri