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Kyoji Ohno

Kyoji Ohno

Date of Birth
July 24, 1959
English level
Native Level
PRODUCER , Composer, Arranger, Pianist  Despite there are several work for vocalists, most of his work is categolized as new age ambient mmusic or soundtrack and film music

Outstanding works

Title Artist Affiliation Notes
Dare to overcome Various Artists Anthem for paralympic related event 2020
So Happy Dream Hiromi Yoshida (Poupouri) Campaign song for pet shampoo
Open your heart Yuri Nakamura Brian Seumour Butterfly ping pong commercial music
Tetsuko no sodate kata Drama "tetsuko no sodatekata Theme from TV Drama ”Tetsuko no Sodatekata”
Konpira Fune Fune Featuring Masahiro Makihara Theme from feature documentary

Performing artists

Artist Notes
Hiromi Yoshida (Poupouri)
Megumi Okutsu