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Hemant Singh

Hemant Singh

Date of Birth
August 20, 1987
English level
Business Level
Hemant Singh, hailing from Uttarakhand, the northern part of India, is a man with a passion for filmmaking. His journey in the industry began with a reality show on Channel V, and ultimately emerged victorious; he earned himself a thrilling chopper ride to Mount Everest and a delightful breakfast, followed by a week-long trip to Europe.
In November 2011, he moved to Mumbai to pursue his life as an actor. However, his stint as an actor highlighted his lack of formal education in acting and pushed him to explore alternative avenues in the industry. In 2013, he found himself working as an assistant to an online editor at a company that specialized in making movie teasers and trailers.
This experience solidified his decision to become a filmmaker. Hemant then went on to join a world-renowned post-production studio, Prime Focus (now known as DNEG), where he worked his way up from an assistant online editor to an online editor. In 2016, he moved to the vibrant city of Tokyo in Japan, where he worked various jobs. His last employer was a Tokyo-based media consulting firm that employed him as a contracted employee to work with Nissan. In 2018, Hemant took the plunge and turned into an independent freelance filmmaker based in Tokyo. In 2023, with a decade of hard work, dedication, and determination, he finally achieved his dream of producing and completing his first feature film. Hemant is a passionate filmmaker who is driven by a deep desire to share thought-provoking stories and bring his creative visions to fruition.

Outstanding works

Category Year Title Notes
Movie (Live-Action) 2024 Wasabi not a fairy tale Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhkAB7V1Udk

Awards List

Year Title of Award Title
2024 Beloit International Film Festival Official selection Wasabi not a fairy tale
2024 Red Movie Awards annual selection Wasabi not a fairy tale