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How we utilize project proposals and business matchings

Japan Creator Bank exhibits original project proposals by top Japanese creators to connect them with potential partners who are looking for film projects.

Creators publish their project proposals

Creators publish their project proposals

Original project proposals by scriptwriters, directors and any other creators working in film production will be exhibited here.

Potential partners seek for new film projects

Potential partners seek for new film projects

You will be able to view and download an overview of the project proposal. All the projects will be internationally available in Japanese and English.

VIPO supports the matchmaking

VIPO supports the matchmaking

If you would like to know more about the project, you can communicate with the creator via VIPO. VIPO supports content creations domestically and internationally.

*Some fees may apply depending on the request

  1. TITLE

    Love Corpse

  2. TITLE

    Downtown International Petit Hotel

  3. TITLE

    Nether Polis

  4. TITLE

    Caesar’s Scissors

  5. TITLE

    Newton Girls

  6. TITLE

    Previous Life Investigator

  7. TITLE

    Tamatebako: A Modern Fairy Tale About a Man With Amnesia in a Country Town Where the Legend of Urashima Still Exists

  8. TITLE

    Dream or Reality: ...A Form of Love that Transcends Time – Deja Vu

  9. TITLE

    Carryover: The Crazy Tale of a Group of Rogues Chasing After a 700-Million-Yen Lottery Prize

  10. TITLE

    Shiny Screws

  11. TITLE

    I Have Started a Cafe at Age 50

  12. TITLE

    Magical Hospital